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Edtech Austin is run by dedicated volunteers who want to see technology improve education. If you would like to get more information or help coordinate events please contact us below.


EdTech Austin is the hub for amazing keynotes, panel discussions, edtech mixers, member spotlights, and hands-on learning experiences that inspire teachers, entrepreneurs, technologists, education reformers, and edtech enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and innovate.

We meet to explore various topics at the intersection of education and technology, to learn about the latest technologies that are supporting teachers, and to hear from teachers about the problems in education that must be fixed now.

At our Austin meetups, we challenge our community to think through ways in which technology can enhance and promote real learning to positively transform education, and we know there are amazing education advocates all around the world with a similar mission. Along with our partners in other cities, you can join The EdTech Meetup virtually using #edtechaustin and #edmeet on Twitter to share our learnings and engage with other education advocates around the world to realize positive systemic (or disruptive) change.


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Leena Saleh


Leena is the lead organizer of Edtech Austin. Leena is also a former STEM educator who is passionate about the world of technology and how it transfers into the classroom to make our students #workforce ready. I believe that providing students the skills for our future is absolutely vital no matter their background. Exposure creates opportunity. She continues to build on Edtech Austin's mission statement and foster the bridge between teachers and Edtech. 

Sean Duffy

Founder / Organizer

Sean Duffy is the Vice President of Partnerships at Capital Factory helping bridge the gap between startups and corporate innovators through strategic programming and community events. Sean's team at Capital Factory focuses on helping corporate, community, university and government partners connect with the startup community across the year in Austin, Texas and beyond. 


Kara Brady


Kara Brady started her professional career as an elementary school teacher, working abroad in Doha, Qatar and stateside in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. She left the classroom to pursue a degree in educational technology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education before moving to Austin, TX to work for an edtech startup. She came across EdTech Austin Meetup upon moving here and is happy to now operate as one of its Co-Organizers! Kara is very familiar with Capital Factory as a former Partnerships Coordinator, having helped local and national corporations engage with Capital Factory's startup ecosystem through sponsorship of various events throughout the year. She's currently seeking job opportunities in this new remote/virtual world we are living in and encourages anyone with leads or openings, particularly at EdTech companies, to reach out via email.

Richard Stafford


Richard Stafford is a UX designer / researcher who has ten years of education experience. He is keen to make sure that technology really allows teachers and students to reach new levels of achievement and life satisfaction. Edtech Austin Meetup offers the opportunity to meet and connect with innovators, entrepreneurs, teachers and developers. What better place is there to discuss making the world a better place.    

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Lindsay Walker


Lindsay Walker is a former teacher turned instructional developer and entrepreneur. She is passionate about inspiring technological innovation in the education space, and finding new ways to leverage technology for the next generation of education. As a co-organizer or the Edtech Austin meetup she focuses on working to create educational products and content to meet the needs of tomorrow. Find out more here.